Spring 2016

Since its construction in 1980, the Fire Station has been maintained and cared for solely by the members of the Fire Company. The taxes paid by the citizens of Monterey do not support its upkeep because it is privately owned by the Monterey Fire Company LTD. We, the Fire Company, have undertaken the necessary renovation of the Fire Station because, aside from a new metal roof installed in 2012, the Station has had no significant work done in over three decades.


In the 36 years that have passed since the construction of the Station, the fire service has changed considerably. Expanded state and federal mandates, including reporting procedures have created a need for modern office space and computer equipment. Tactical and technological changes in firefighting and medical care have intensified certification requirements, which have created a need for improved classroom and practical training space. This in addition to the need to continue to house Monterey's fleet of emergency response vehicles, has made the renovations imperative. 


Much progress has been made already. The office addition and the west side of the building are weather tight with windows installed,  and have been sided, along with the front of the building. New bay doors have been installed. We are waiting for the proper permits from the Town of Monterey to resume work in the classroom and kitchen areas of the Station. The planning and permitting of the project have taken more than 275 hours of work, generously donated by Berkshire Geotechnologies, and an estimated total of 1,600 man hours of volunteer labor by the members of the Fire Company, has saved us a considerable amount in labor costs – about $56,000. However, it is a small amount in the grand scope of the project.


The estimated total cost of the project is $475,000. In January of 2015, the members of the Fire Company unanimously voted to personally commit to financially support a $350,000 bank loan to start the necessary work on the Fire Station. As of March 1, 2016 the members have contributed $38,667 of their own money, and will continue to provide labor and funds to support the Fire Station Project. The Solomon Foundation has made two generous donations in the past two years, and last year we raised $28,280 from our appeal letter. However, we are still unable to fully finance the project. Our overhead expenses – heat, electricity, phone, etc. – come to $42,172 per year. This is offset partly offset by a $17,000 rent of the Station to the Town of Monterey. The renovation expenses to date have reached $45,396. As you can see, we need your help.

We hope you will be willing to help us fund the renovation. A yearly donation of  $100 or more, would make a significant difference in, what we hope you would agree, a worthy cause. For your support, from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you!